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Street Food

Across Chelsea’s busy streets and nearby neighborhoods you'll find Latin American street food that is fresh, accessible, and ready-to-go.  These small places have just a few tables with an emphasis on take-out and delivery.  The owners and staff are typically first- and second-generation immigrants who learned to cook at the side of a beloved family member.  Hard-working, first-time business owners, they are as committed to the finest quality food as they are to building better lives in Chelsea. 

Names might be similar from place to place, yet items are often prepared differently, depending on where in Latin America the owners were born. Don’t be afraid to ask about what you are ordering!  Practice your Spanish skills or local love to help guide you to discover just the right option for you. 

Grab a fresh squeezed fruit juice, a cup of mango slices sprinkled with spicy tajín seasoning, a bean and cheese filled pupusa, a bag of chicharrones or yucca fries— your tastebuds and pocketbook will thank you!

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