Gallery 456

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Project Description

This storefront gallery is always open at 456 Broadway in Chelsea.  View from the sidewalk displays that tell the stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow in this dynamic city.

The site is the former retail location of the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  The City of Chelsea purchased the building in 2017 and plans are underway to redevelop the site. Until construction starts, Gallery 456 is a lively use of the big windows that shine out on to Bellingham Square.   

Curator Call

We're seeking local artists, activists, archivists and historians to present exhibits. Each show is approximately 6 weeks. Stipends are available.  2-D, 3-D and digital media are welcome. Exhibits should reflect the people, landscape and stories of Chelsea.


current exhibit

neighborway gallery 456 panel.jpg

Thirteen participants in the Cambridge Health Alliance Youth Community Health Program worked with artist Sury Chavez and Neighborways Design to create a series of colorful panels that celebrate how communities can stay healthy together.

Alissa Schopp
Bryan De Souza
Crystal Phan
Elisha Elie
Enaica Voltaire

Fahitza Quessa
Henrique De Lara
Kayla Cadet
Leandra Germain
Monica Claros Olivares

Monica Vila Quispe
Long “Soup” Nguyen
Tulasi Vithiananthan

Views of Us street photography.jpg
Views of Us

Street photography of the Boston area by 52 local photographs showcasing everyday life. Curated by Nyx Breen. 

Coming soon

Chelsea Stock - Katy Rogers -Maggie and William smaller.jpg
CHelsea Photo Contest

A picture speaks a thousand words so share with us your stories of Chelsea!  This contest is presented in partnership with the Chelsea MA Photography Club and is open to all photographers, professional and amateur.  Featured image here is by Katy Rogers and was one of the winning images from our 2018 contest.   Enter and get full details here.

heat island study.jfif
it's getting hot in here

GreenRoots and a team from Boston University as part of a participatory research project on the heat island effect in our community. Through PhotoVoice residents in Chelsea and East Boston took photos throughout the summer to document their experience with heat in the city.

PAST exhibits

Juneteenth 2022 - Beverly Martin Rosso
Black History month

"Connecting the Past to the Present"  and "Hidden Figures from Black History" is a display presented as part of the programs of Chelsea's recognition of Black History Month.  This year's theme is "Health and Wellness throughout the African Diaspora." Find details on the virtual events happening every Thursday through February, 2022 here.

Presented by the Chelsea Black Community in recognition

lewis latimer at work.jpg
Lewis Latimer

After his parents fled enslavement in Virginia in 1842, Lewis Latimer was born in Chelsea.  At age 15 he served in the US Navy during the Civil War. Returning home, he learned drafting and engineering while clerking at the patent law firm of  Crosby & Gould. He went on to develop a number of inventions himself and to collaborate within the top industrial pioneers of the time. Working iwth Edison, he revolutionized the world by developing the filament that makes the electric light bulb possible.  

Presented by the Lewis Latimer Society.

Sabia Que

A team of art students from Endicott College partnered with teams in Chelsea to develop compelling materials to communicate public health messages around the pandemic.  They created branding for the Promotores de Salud and creating a "Did you Know or Sabia Que" branded campaign.

Boston mask initiaitve quilt.jpeg
mask scrap quilt

A king-size quilt made from the scraps of thousands of fabric face masks made and donated by the Boston Mask Initiative. Sewn in memory of those lost, sewn in honor of those struggling to survive, sewn to commemorate the hours of unpaid labor of thousands (maybe millions) of women around the world who cut, stitched, threaded elastic, packed, delivered, and repeated this every day/week/month of 2020.

Creative Mystic image by
teatro chelsea

Part of Teatro Chelsea's program of El Camino De Cuentos Encantadores (The Path of Enchanting Tales), three local artists display their work.


Mateo Corondo

Max Pro

mark morelli.jpg
Mark morelli

Mark Morelli is a Chelsea based editorial photographer. For over 20 years he's documented the urban landscape. In this exhibit he uses a special digital display to bring his large portfolio to life. The collection of tiny moments of his travels through his home city create a rich portrait of a city ever in flux.  

Black History

Chelsea Black Community (CBC) celebrates Black history with an exhibit on civil rights and the celebration of Black voices.

Empty Bowls

The annual Chelsea Empty Bowls fundraiser of the Chelsea Hunger Network will be virtual this year. View the display of bowls decorated by members of the community that you can purchase on-line to support the group's essential work. In companion posters, learn more about the crisis of food insecurity in our city.

Brighter together

A presentation by the Jewish Arts Collective (JArts), this exhibit shares the message of hope in times of darkness. The highlight of the exhibit is a light sculpture by Clint Baclawski, a Boston-based contemporary artist working with photography, technology, light, and space. The exhibit will be on display during the days of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. 

Read about the show in an article by Cate McQuaid in the Boston Globe.

image for exhibit.jpg

Inspired by Nuestra Mesa and complex feelings of loss around the pandemic, a team of Chelsea youth composed a series of poems.  They used the same framework of Nuestra Mesa by looking through nine aspects of nature to explore nine experiences of mourning.  They'll presenting their poetry in several forms: as posters, in spoken word videos, and in a mini 'zine.


Participating Artists:

Branden Garcia

Lydia Debendecitis

Lana Pineda



Assisted by:

Amanda Arsenault

Max Pro

Claudia Paraschiv

gallery 456 Pride.jpg
chelsea pride

The Chelsea LGBTQ Coalition celebrates Pride with a display. 

They were joined in July by Chelsea Youth calling for support of Black Lives Matter. In August residents were reminded to complete their census.