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permitting project

Chelsea Night Market, August 10, 2019-52.jpg

Parks and playgrounds, streets and sidewalks -- these public spaces are vital community resources.  Street performances, block parties, festivals, markets and parades - these sorts of happenings create a more vibrant, connected and healthy community.  


Through this Permitting Project we seek to make the community use of Chelsea's public spaces more accessible, affordable and transparent.  A grant from MassDevelopment was secured in mid 2021 that will allow us to:


  • Streamline the Special Use permitting and licensing process, scaling requirements to the complexity and impact of the activity.

  • Provide technical assistance to event producers to support resident-led activities and build local capacity.

  • Offer logistical help for resident-led community events such as use of the city equipment and event support staff.  

activity types

busker 2.jpg
mini events & street performers
chalk on play streets.jpg
playStreets &
Block Parties
festival 2.jpg
Festivals &
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