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Chelsea Resilient mural

David painting court house.jpg

Project Description

Chelsea Resilient: Call and Response Through the Ages is an 80-foot  painted mural by David Fichter on aluminum panels installed on the Fifth Street side of 472 Broadway in Bellingham Square.

The mural was designed and painted David Fichter. The artist is known for a distinctive, realistic style that features the people, architecture and other details reflective of the mural location. For over 30 years David has created community murals and mosaics, taking him all over the United States and internationally, including Nicaragua, Armenia, and Georgia. Working with residents of all ages, he’s completed more than 200 permanent murals that have become beloved local landmarks that communicate the story of each neighborhood.

Chelsea Resilient traces the rich history of this Massachusetts city from its beginnings as Winnisimmet, when Native American peoples fished and dug mussels on the banks of Chelsea Creek, to the urban, diverse city we know today. Across four centuries this community has repeatedly risen to overcome challenges and tragedies, responding with energy, heartfelt mutual concern, and an unquenchable drive to rebuild. The struggles and successes of each generation of Chelsea residents echo across history with a message of courage, determination, and optimism. Our past, present and future are linked in a continuous call to action and grassroots response, the defining character of Chelsea and its people.

Starting in early Summer 2020, David conducted research through individual and group meetings as well as library and archival research. He gathered reference images to accurately capture myriad details of the people and places of our community.  A community Steering Committee guided the process.  Over more than six months individual aluminum panels were painted in his studio before they were installed at the end of October, 2021.

Funding generously provided by the Chelsea Cultural Council with a Chelsea Heritage Celebrations Grant.

Read the detailed description on all the elements of the  mural and the team behind it here. 

resilience mural

Artist David Fichter poses with his painting assistants Eliseo Fuentes, Xerxes Butt, Bianca Oppedisano, and Megan Barnes.

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