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Bakeries & Bodegas

Scattered across the city, Chelsea’s bakeries and bodegas are a reflection of the city’s diverse multicultural communities.  Residents, both past and present, drop in for necessities and treats not available in most other markets. A loaf of bread, a pupusa, fresh tropical fruit, all carry flavors and traditions from across the world. 


Local bakeries tell the story of Chelsea’s past as an Eastern European Jewish stronghold, and life today as a dynamic, predominantly Latino community.  Though they might be worlds and years apart, all of Chelsea’s immigrant business owners carry on a family tradition and the owners are proud of their heritage and products. Then and now, you’ll find fresh, quality baked goods - and many happy customers.  


Our bodegas are full of vivid colors and vibrating Latin beats. The narrow aisles with crowded shelves teem with fresh and packaged goods from Latin countries and their diasporas. Here, you’ll find masa to make your own pupusas, hard to find cuts of meat, unique grains, seeds and spices, and tropical fruits.

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