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mini events & street performers

While they're called "street performers" these creatives generally show off their skills within pedestrian areas of sidewalks and parks and where people already congregate. Sometimes called buskers, these include solo musicians or small groups, dancers, puppeteers, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, and living statues. The performances are free, though tips are encouraged. There may be amplified sound but it scaled to not be disruptive to nearby uses.

Mini-Events are low-impact, non-commercial activities in pedestrian areas. These might be a community outreach table sponsored by a local non-profit or a chalk artist decorating the sidewalk.

None of these activities are commercial in nature although soliciting tips and affilitated sales (like a musician offering CDs for a suggested donation) would be allowed. The anticipated audience is scaled for specific location. Typically there would be less than 5 attendees and never more than 40.


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