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Tips for the Chelsea Traveler

Getting around in Chelsea is made much easier by renting a BlueBike. The bike rental service is part of a larger regional network that is available in Chelsea, Boston and a few other cities in metro Boston. BlueBikes can be dropped off at any “station” - whether Chelsea or not. They are a great and easy way to get around Chelsea’s 1.8 square miles. The best deal is a day-long Adventure Pass for $10 using the BlueBike app on your phone.

The Chelsea Street Bridge is an amazing 450 foot tall vertical-lift bridge, but sometimes when it lifts, it can be inconvenient if you’re in a rush to the airport. The bridge is the most direct route to the airport, and it can cause delays if not planned well. To get a jump on when the bridge lifts, the Twitter page @LoganBoston is a great way to avoid any issues.

One of the first things travelers look for upon arriving at their Chelsea base might be toiletries or toothpaste. Many airlines don’t allow the home-size toothpaste tubes or other such products. To get anything you need and more, check out the Chelsea Market Basket grocery store. The store is legendary in the Boston region, and Chelsea is somewhat famous for having it in town. The store has all of the goods and goodies you might want - and is just a short walk across the street from most hotels.

The working port is an unheralded highlight of Chelsea. Watching large ocean-going vessels come into port on the Chelsea Creek or under the Mystic/Tobin Bridge from Boston Harbor is quite a sight. Some of the ships coming in are carrying petroleum, while others are bringing in new cars. All of the Subaru vehicles are brought in on massive ships to a facility in the working port across from Chelsea. The best place to sit and watch this action is PORT Park on Marginal Street or Mary O’Malley Park on Admirals Hill.

The regional train serving Chelsea has only gotten better over the last few years, hence the $38 million investment in Chelsea Station last year. With those improvements sometimes comes construction on the lines. Always check the train schedule before leaving to make sure things are running normally.

Parking at Chelsea’s hotels is never a problem. Most hotels have ample parking lots, and while some charge a nominal fee, the parking situation is much easier for guests than in more cramped areas in downtown Boston. Parking around Chelsea is also usually not a problem either. Chelsea uses the parking app system that is tied in with Boston, and there’s no need for quarters or coins. Instead, the ParkBoston app makes it easy. Just download the app and follow the instructions. It’s well worth the download if you plan to drive around.

The regional train that serves Chelsea can easily be paid for with the commuter rail app. More information about how to buy tickets and the best tickets to buy can be found here. Be sure to take advantage of the ultra-affordable $10 weekend pass, or the five-day flex pass. The commuter rail, unlike the subway system or the Silver Line, charges by zone - or distance traveled.


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