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Itinerary: Heading North

Historic Salem, Gloucester & Rockport

Explore the site of the Salem witch trials and a major eighteenth century trading port. Getting to historic Salem by train from Chelsea is easy taking the Newburyport/Rockport Line north from Chelsea Station. (Don’t forget to grab a bagel at Katz Bagels before you leave Chelsea, or a cup of coffee from El Dorado Bakery for the trip.)

The Salem Witch Museum in Washington Square and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial not far away reflect on the solemn history. Numerous boutiques serve contemporary witches.

Salem Harbor was rife with pirates at one time and Real Pirates Salem can tell you all you need to know about Blackbeard and his crew.

Swing down to the National Park Service’s Salem Maritime Historic Site to see the Friendship of Salem tall ship and history of Salem and the sea.

About an hour by train from Chelsea is Cape Ann, with the Gloucester fishing village and the scenic arts colony of Rockport - which is the last stop on the line.

In Gloucester, take a day out at sea on a fishing boat or catch an extraordinary whale watch. The town also boasts some of the freshest fish on the North Shore, perhaps even caught a few hours prior. Dining in Gloucester is a great idea for seafood lovers.

The can’t miss Halibut State Park is in Rockland at the end of the line. A former rock quarry high above the ocean provides sweeping views all the way to Maine on a clear day.


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