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Artist Profile: Sirxns Crew

The Sirxns Crew is a group of female identified and queer artists. In Chelsea, they previously created a mural on Division Street for the rear entrance of North Suffolk Mental Health. The group includes familiar local artists Jenna Feldman, Sury Chavez and Fernanda Lopez joined by Sara Barrientos, Alison Miller, and Melissa Clarke. Their approach is centered on their interest in socially-engaged public art as expressive art therapists, educators, and activists.

“We believe in the power art holds to enliven spaces and connect people as well as amplify voices heard in community conversations.,” they say. “Approaching our mural making from a mixed media and a site-specific perspective allows us to work in a call and response collaboration with the community.”

Also with one-on-one engagement with passersby and Mohammed Saleem, the owner of Market del Sol, the artists shared coloring sheets for others to bring color into their own corner of the world.


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