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Artist Profile: Felipe Ortiz

In 2022 the City of Chelsea commissioned a series of artists for murals across the city.

East Boston artist Felipe Ortiz has been creating work on a national and international level. His subject matter is mostly nature, primarily migratory birds.

For the underpass of Route One at Webster Street he embraces the way people will be viewing the work while passing it at different speeds. His signature style called "Explosive Nature" dynamically elongates the design.

“Explosive Nature is colorful, vibrant, has lots of movement. It can be informative and playful as I depict an exchange of migratory local fauna in tropical settings.” Felipe explained, “The style lends itself for large areas with vehicles and pedestrians passing at various speeds.” His design onto both sides of the once dreary underpass provides dramatic gateway into Chelsea from the Revere Beach Parkway/Route 16.


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