For our 2020 season, seven painted murals were installed in downtown Chelsea.


Several murals were installed on Division Street between Fourth Street and Congress to advance the creation of our Neighborway. Additionally, the newly constructed O'Neill Playground was decorated with a large mural inspired by the rocketship-like design of the play structures. A gateway mural on Second Street gives a special welcome to Spanish speakers. And at Luther Place, with special events cancelled, a large mural here keeps that space dynamic until programs like the Chelsea Night Market return. 

For the 2020 season artists were invited to online workshops and one-on-one technical support sessions to advance their artmaking skills and develop their designs. Professional public artists, Carolyn Lewenberg and Amanda Hill facilitated the workshops and support sessions.  


Nelson Saldana is a Chelsea artist. He’s inspired by the grace and rich meaning to be found in Renaissance art and mythology as well as the dynamic color and boldness of contemporary graphic novels and street artists.

This mural, on the rear of Peach's & Cream Bakery, a former Masonic Temple,  speaks to the need to keep moving forward no matter what the world might bring. The female on guitar is a nod to his daughter and the power of music and creative expression.  


The Sirens Crew (Fernanda Lopez, Jenna Feldman, Laura Smith, Alison Miller, Melissa Clark & Ruth Henry) is a collective of female identified artists who create socially-engaged public art as expressive art therapists, educators, and activists. Their approach uses nature imagery as a metaphor for imagining a better, co-created world.

The Sirens Crew uses the metaphor of a lotus flower to explore the strength and resilience of the Chelsea community and the people served by the North Suffolk Health Association. 

KIM Villafuerte BARZoLA

Kimberly Villafuerte Barzola is a first generation Quechua artist who was raised in Salem, MA and lives in Roxbury, MA. Her work is dedicated to celebrating the livelihoods and humanity of all immigrants. 

Her mural on the side of the future El Dorado cafe is a scene common to Barzola's home in Peru and the property owners who emigrated from Colombia and the Dominican Republic. The mural pays homage to the hard work of coffee farmers.

Artist Rixy Fernandez was born in Boston and raised in Las Vegas. As a dedication to the many Latinx women in Chelsea, this piece is meant to be a reflection of their beauty and strength. Immigrant mothers (like the artist’s own) are what build our communities and extend our lineage in this grand garden.

This wall overlooks the Luther Place parking lot and serves as the back drop for the stage at events in this location such as the Chelsea Night Market.


Yenny Hernandez is a Graphic Designer who lives in Salem, MA. She often combines colorful palettes inspired by her Latinx heritage with messages that speak to the Latinx community. 


The mural design for this property is a lush dark jungle with vibrant, large letters proclaiming 'Hola Mi Gente' which translates to ‘Hello My People.’ The artist’s goal was to create a moment of identification, especially for the Spanish-speaking community, and a feeling of being seen and welcomed. 

Gisell builles (Trippylandia)

The O’Neil Playground Tot Lot was completed in 2020 and the two retaining walls were begging for a dramatic design. Artist Trippylandia took inspiration from the play structures and lighting that evokes a space ship and created a galactic environment with rockets, an astronaut, and each of the planets of our solar system.

Trippylandia (Giselle Builles) is a Lynn based photographer, graphic designer and fine art painter. Her work combines surrealism and psychedelic art, typically using vivid characters and colors. She’s inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Tim Burton, Ekundayo and astronomy. 

Demetrius Fuller teaches art in the Chelsea school system and is frequently a part of productions at the Apollinaire Theatre. For the rear of their building, the team behind the Chelsea Theatre Works tapped Fuller to refresh the mural with a landscape and a llama. 

On the rear of Caribbean Liquors on Division Street, Max Pro created this mural in 2020.  Born and raised in Chelsea, Max Pro's love for comic books and time travel fuel his creativity. With a nod to his social tag of @all_planets, a honey bee floats with outer space with Earth and Saturn far below. A potted plant is covered by a transparent bubble like an astronaut helmet.  


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