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Rancho las Pupusas

Bar and Restaurant

36 Second St, Chelsea, MA 02150

(617) 884-1893

Ranchos Las Pupusas is a Salvadoran hidden gem located at 36 Second Street in Chelsea.  Enjoy lunch or dinner in a cozy atmosphere. Chelsea has a significant Salvadoran community and the restaurant specializes in traditional dishes such as shrimp ceviche, carne asada, mojarras, camarones empanadas, yuka, bistec ranchero, empanadas, and nacho de carne.

Their most popular dish is the pupusas revueltas, a corn dough base stuffed with a combination of pork, beans, and cheese. The pupusas are then grilled or fried and are served with a cabbage slaw and a savory tomato salsa.

Order online for fast delivery or pickup. You can also earn rewards by joining Ranchos Las Pupusas' rewards program. Earn points each time you order and recent a discount on future visits. 


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