Make your mark in chalk.

Project Description

Chalk Art Saturdays began as a city-wide public art initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, inspired by Chalk Art Saturdays in Salem MA.


In 2020, the  6-week program brought together local artists and residents. Using art prompts, it was a means to bring out some of our private thoughts and feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic into public space where we could process together through the lens of art. Individual artists were matched with prominent locations to execute their designs and provide an inspiration showpiece, while community members were invited to make chalk art in public spaces safely near their home.  

The project returns for the summer of 2021.  Across three Saturdays local artists will create chalk murals with the public is invited to join, view the process, and make their own chalk art alongside the artists, in adjacent spaces.  We aim to spark collective art-making at both visible and hidden gem locations, and to Cross Pollinate across communities as we come back together after a year spent apart. Our theme of Cross Pollination dovetails with the roadway murals in the downtown on Division Street and in Chelsea Square

The program was coordinated by Clauda Paraschiv of Studioful Design.


Photography by Katy Rogers and Matt Frank.


Claudia Paraschiv, claudia@studiofuldesign.com 


Pollinators are nature’s essential workers. How can we celebrate pollinators?

June 26


438 Broadway, Grove Street side

Chelsea Public Library Steps

ROCA, Pearl Street side


Trees bear fruit born from their environment. What will you harvest from the experiences of 2020 and 2021?

July 17


468 Broadway, Fifth Street side

194 Broadway, Second Street side

Staircase, Broadway at Crest Ave


This last year was historic and challenging and has allowed us to reflect and grow. Who are you now, after 2020?

August 7


Broadway Glen Apartments

457 Broadway

Staircase, Marlborough at Highland St

To complement the chalk art drawings created by the Chelsea community, several local artists have been given stipends to create public chalk drawings. 

CHALK Artists


Max pro

Max Pro was born and raised in Chelsea, and even though at points life took him to other places - he knew that he belonged here. His family has strong roots in Chelsea, with his grandparents migrating here from Cuba. To Max, family is everything and he spends all of his time with his siblings, wife and daughters.

His love for comic books and time travel fuel his creativity, which feeds into everything he does. He owns a custom clothing design business called All Planets that represents suicide awareness and mental health.

He is avidly involved in his community and often finds himself wishing there was more time in the day but always remains thankful for everyone's support, kind words, and good energy - without it he wouldn't be anywhere near where he is today. 

Check out his work: all-planets.site and @all_planets on Instragram

CHALK Artists


marianne RAMOS

“Whatever I do, art shows up in the mix.” Marianne has lived, worked, and volunteered in Chelsea since 1983. With many college credits, but no degree, Marianne is a self-taught artist best known for her micro-mosaic collages, shell-o-visions, and Pandemic Postcards. Her work has been seen at local galleries.

CHALK Artists

Amber Torres.jpg


CHALK Artists


aliyah saldana

Aliyah Saldana-Oswald is our youngest participating artist. Art enables her to have an emotional outlet. She has been painting since very young.

CHALK Artists



Trippylandia is a Photographer and a Fine Art Painter in the Boston area. Her work is a combination of surrealism and psychedelic art. She composes vivid characters with a galactic and trippy feel, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Tim Burton, and Astronomy.

CHALK Artists



Melissa Gallego is a 15 year old student at Malden Catholic and Chelsea resident. Her whole life she has drawn and painted with inspiration from her father. She finds painting relaxing, but drawing with pencil is her favorite way of making art.

CHALK Artists


Nelson Saldana

Nelson Saldana is an artist based in Chelsea, MA. Self-taught, Nelson mostly works in oil paint. Since he was a child, he sketched uncontrollably all the time. Nelson was born in the Bronx, NY, and moved to Chelsea when he was 12 years old. Enormous murals on building sides in N.Y. and the graffiti-filled walls all around him inspired Nelson growing up. Todd Mcfarlane who created Venom in Spider-Man, and later Spawn Comics also had a huge impact on him. Later in life his inspiration came from studying the old oil paint masters from the Renaissance era. Check out more of his art on Instagram.

CHALK Artists


Sinai Galicia

Sinai Galicia is a sophomore at Chelsea High School. His major career focus is to be an architect and a interior designer. As a community member of Chelsea, Sinai has participated in art events throughout the city and looks forward to continuing community art work.