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Sabor Especial

Horchata, Quesadillas

83 Williams Street, Chelsea MA 02150

(617) 884-8900

Don't let the modest surroundings fool you! Immediately beneath the Tobin Bridge viaduct on busy William Street is a small building and a parking lot. You might think it's a car dealership when in fact it offers some of the best, handmade Latin food in town. People keep this one a secret because they want to keep it all to themselves. It's a destination place for many who travel from across the area for their authentic cooking.

Sabor Especial has the homey favorites of El Salvador and Honduras including pupusas, enchiladas, carne asada, fried chicken and sopa de res. All made to order and delicious.

You can see their attention to tradition in every way. For example, it's rare to find horchata made from scratch anymore, but not at Sabor Especial. They roast the traditional combination of seeds, spices and rice before grinding them into a fine powder to be mixed with water or milk. You've never tasted anything like it!

There's limited seating inside and in season there's outdoor dining. The restaurant is cash only.


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