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My Guatemala Bakery

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My Guatemala Bakery

Adabel Chavez Jimenez’s mother learned to bake from her mother in Guatemala and ran a small baking business from her home on weekends. When Adabel was 11, she began helping her mother at her bakery in Lynn, a city just to the north of Chelsea. Fast-forward to 2021 and Adabel became the third generation of bakers in the Rodriguez family when she opened My Guatemala Bakery in Chelsea Square. Adabel is joined in the kitchen by her husband, Brian, whose family is from Mexico and Honduras.

Here, they serve hand-made Guatemalan baked goods daily. Though the names and shapes of Latinx baked goods may be similar, the flavors are as diverse as Chelsea’s very diverse population.

In the morning, stop by for typical Guatemalan breakfast goodies like pan dulce, a selection of Guatemalan French-styled bread rolls—round, toasted tostados, Gallinnitas (a sweet bread that looks like the back of a chicken with its wings spread). Also, don’t forget to grab a few of the Champurradas, a slightly sweet and crunchy sesame seed cookie common in Guatemala. They’re all delicious with a strong coffee for a quick start or a morning break.

At lunch, try Shucos, the traditional Guatemalan French bread sub roll loaded with a hot dog, shredded cabbage, avocado, and squiggles of ketchup, mustard, and mayo. A can’t miss item is the tamales that they make with masa dough filled with chicken and peppers, and sweetened with prunes or raisins. They are steamed and served in a plantain leaf topped with a sweet sauce.

Finish off any meal with a margarita cookie, a soft buttercream-textured delicacy with hints of orange and a cherry glaze.

For special occasions, My Guatemala Bakery offers round and heart shaped, sugar-frosted Tortas with fillings like guava or Bavarian cream. Inside are sometimes hidden tiny plastic dolls to mark the holiday or occasion. Surprising and yummy!