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Katz Bagel Bakery

Bagels, challah, Pizza Bagel


139 Park St, Chelsea, MA 02150


(617) 884-9738


Katz Bagel Bakery

Katz’s is a Chelsea institution in Chelsea and the region. Following his late father Harry, who bought the bakery in 1938, Richard Katz continues to bake the iconic Jewish bagel the way it should be baked: with a firm crust around chewy, not-too-dense bread. Unlike over-sized, commercially-produced bagels, Katz’s bagels aren’t puffed up with air; they’re made in small batches, baked daily in the original bakery with whole ingredients. Once serving Chelsea’s predominant Jewish community, Katz’s is now a favorite among Chelsea’s diverse residents, appreciated for the bagels’ fresh chewiness and traditional selections—no faddish flavors here!

Richard also bakes a great pizza bagel—a Katz invention—and fat hot dogs wrapped in bagel dough. Katz’s Challah, the traditional, eggy Jewish festive bread, is hand-braided in the bakery. It’s available only at the end of the week and makes terrific French toast. Watch for their homemade chicken pot pies that are made from scratch. The traditional bakery case is filled with old-timey, Jewish bakery favorites like lemon squares, eclairs, and black-and-white frosted half-moon cookies.

Chelsea changes all the time. Run to Katz’s now.