Chelsea heritage mural

Project Description

The Chelsea Heritage Mural will be an 80-foot  painted mural on aluminum panels installed on the Fifth Street side of 472 Broadway in Bellingham Square.

The mural will be designed and painted David Fichter. The artist is known for a distinctive, realistic style that features the people, architecture and other details reflective of the mural location. For over 30 years David has created community murals and mosaics, taking him all over the United States and internationally, including Nicaragua, Armenia, and Georgia. Working with residents of all ages, he’s completed more than 200 permanent murals that have become beloved local landmarks that communicate the story of each neighborhood.

Funding generously provided by the Chelsea Cultural Council.

Project detail report.

Presentation of sketch of the mural in progress

Steering Committee

472 Broadway, Chelsea - site of the Chel

The Steering Committee guided the artist to define the mural's theme, identify specific elements to include in the mural, source reference images for his illustration, and reach out to other members of the community for gather their input.

The Steering Committee will be most active through the design development phase of July to November. The final design is anticipated by the end of 2020. David will do the paintings on panels in his studio through the winter with installation expected around June 2021.

Information about the Steering Committee and their meetings. 


Chelsea Heritage Mural design FINAL 4-13

Design Sketch for the Mural